29 November 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I wasn't anticipating this movie nearly as much as Where the Wild Things Are. Mainly because I forgot it was coming out. Anyways, I LOVED it. I think it was better than Wild Things. I loved how you could tell it was so Wes Anderson. I really was not sure what to expect, but it was great. I especially loved the wall paper and and the textiles. Mrs. Fox had an awesome brooch. It's great. Go see it.

11 November 2009

Poor photo representation of an awesome gift

Alexis came for a visit (yay!) and she bought me these awesome glasses. She got them in Halifax by the artist Kyla Francis. I love them. I am also glad I don't sell glasses on Etsy as they are impossible to photograph. I really need to make a light box!

08 November 2009

Paint By Number

I hate when fabrics become impossible to find anymore. I got this great paint-by-number fabric maybe a year ago. It started disappearing from all good fabric shops and the internet very quickly. Now I will occasionally find it online, but the price is super jacked up. I have been hoarding a few yards of it in green. The blue sold out even faster and I don't even know if I have a fat quarter left. Boo.

21 October 2009

Red Is Best

Well, not really. I don't know how I end up with so much stuff in red. I really wanted these boots in greys, but they didn't have my size. I think I like these almost as much now. I'm happy to finally have cute rubber boots. I tried on some Hunters, but luckily they didn't fit right. I really did not want to spent $150 for some rubber boots.

12 October 2009

ikea fabric

I'm a pretty big fan of IKEA fabric at times. It always has some whacky prints and it's cheap. I love echino more, of course, but IKEA is about a third of the price. I bought the three above and can't wait to make some new stuff!

09 October 2009


I really can't get enough of Leonard footage.

08 October 2009


So for part of the week I get to hang out at a Catholic HighSchool. This brings back many terribly memories of my own grade seven to nine experience. Their uniforms are way better mainly because there are more options and they have kept the classic jumper. They also have a much more interesting Virgin Mary in one of their hallways. It is even more endearing because it has a "Sacred Area. No Loitering" sign by it. The craziest thing I did see what this poster for 'faithbook'. Very humorous and really strange. I actually don't really know what to think of it. This reminds me of the things I don't miss about Oklahoma.

Check out JC's wall:

Does Jeff Gord0n know he is on there? I didn't even know Jeff Gordon was into Jesus, is he?And Carrie Underwood? I'm pretty sure Darwin does not want to be there.
See it all up close.


I love these deer. My mom found them for me in Pacifica, CA.

07 October 2009

People of Wal-Mart

If you haven't had a chance to check out this site yet, you are missing out. This one wins for best suit. I won't put other photos on here because they are too disturbing.

03 October 2009

I'm a fan

Lately I've gotten re-hooked on this song: Emily Loizeau - Je suis jalouse.

28 September 2009

Stop Motion again

I love stop motion. See earlier posts: here and here. This current one I found on my friend Arjun's blog. This will also be an attempt to link the foodie/wine blogosphere to the.. umm... well whatever blogosphere my blog is in. Enjoy!

27 September 2009

TAL update

Two posts in one day, are you crazy? Probably, but don't worry I won't be inundating the blogosphere with mundane posts, most likely you won't here from me in a month. I was listening to TAL Episode 30 today (Obsessions) and was fascinated by the artist, Liza Lou. She decided to bead her whole kitchen (see above photo). An obsession, indeed. Remember I am still in 1996, so this may be old news to you. I started to think my listening to TAL in order from the beginning was also some sort of obsession and I really should be documenting this and probably have a separate blog just about it. I could write my commentary on each episode. I don't really want to do that, as I'm sure you wouldn't want to read it. I will just do a few posts when I feel like it on my regular blog, such as this post, which was suppose to be about Liza Lou. Another caveat: I must admit I am skipping the episodes about the 1996 political conventions and the one about Bob Dole. Living in the US for five years I had more than enough of my share of hearing about elections and politics and conventions and blah, blah, blah.

City of Craft

I'm excited to be finally doing shows. I'll be at City of Craft in Toronto in December! It looks like a great show with a lot of talented vendors. I still find it hard to believe I got accepted! This weekend, I never cut out so much fabric at one time. I think I listened to eight episodes of This American Life. I'm still in 1996 in terms of my This American Life listen project. I have more to cut today, so I'll knock off a few more episodes. Also with my new sewing room setup I think I'll be able to listen while I sew as well. I'm also doing a smaller show in Mississauga at the end of November. I figured I'd need some practice as I'm totally new to doing shows.

24 September 2009

The Classics

I love reading. I also love reading "The Classics", but feel I have not read nearly enough of them. I just finished "Jane Eyre" and loved it. I loved Jane's fiery personality. Sometimes I don't realise that over 100 years ago there were personalities like that. I always think they were all pious and proper. Now I need another book. Any suggestions?

20 September 2009

New Beagle

I went to some local flea markets today. I must say I am pretty impressed. They were in the country, but only a 10 minute drive from my house. I will be visiting them often. I liked it better than going to the crazy one in Alameda, CA.
Anyways... I found a new beagle for my collection. It's a Beswick, so I actually had to pay a fair bit of money for him, but I just love him!

19 September 2009

It's been awhile...

My posting was interrupted by my move back to Canada. This involved driving from the Bay Area, California, to Manitoba, then to Southern Ontario. It took almost as long to drive from Manitoba to Ontario than going through seven states.
This was the embargo:

On the drive through Ontario, we stopped in Thunder Bay, so I could visit my dear friend, Aynsley. On the way out we stopped by the Terry Fox Memorial. Douglas Coupland wrote a great piece about Terry Fox in "Souvenir of Canada: 2".

Now I have been busy getting settled and organizing my new place. Here is my room! I'll put up a photo of my cute red and yellow kitchen soon.

In other news I got accepted into City of Craft for their show in December!

31 July 2009

The desk of my dreams

I saw this desk while shopping on Fillmore at Designs Within Reach. I decided that I had to have it. It would be perfect for my little writing desk nook I was planning on having in my new apartment. Then I saw the price tag and realized this desk would never be mine. I immediately emailed the link to my dad and asked if he could make me one. He was hellbent on explaining that the legs would be difficult. I tried to explain to him that it really wasn't the legs I was interested in. I think that was his way of telling me he really didn't want to embark on such a project. It ended with him telling me "it would be cheaper if you just bought it." I had to remind him that it costs $1800! Then he just tried to change the subject. He really doesn't feel like doing any of my projects anymore. 

29 July 2009

Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon
Originally uploaded by theseawithin
I love yellow watermelon. It is slightly sweeter and crunchier than pink watermelon, but that could just be the one I got. Sometimes I get turned off watermelon if I pay a lot of money for one that tastes terrible. So far I am two for two this season. One pink; one yellow. I think you are guaranteed a tastier one if you buy one with seeds. These seem to only be available at Farmer's Markets. I don't like the idea of seedless fruit.

19 July 2009


Barbazoo "body warmer"
Originally uploaded by theseawithin
This probably has to been one of my best finds in Japantown. I was a huge Barbapapas fan when I was a kid. I think they were somewhat obscure even then. My sister and I found this "body warmer" (still don't actually know what it does" at the Japantown grocery store. They had a few other of the characters, but I choose Barbazoo because she was always my favourite.

28 June 2009

More Bloomingdale's Success

I forgot to write about my new super buys are Bloomingdale's from a couple weeks ago. I got this crazy $250 marc by marc jacobs sweater for only $80. 

I also saved $100 off a Matt and Nat handbag I'd been wanting for awhile. Plus with all my purchases I received a $30 Bloomingdale's gift card. I may try to get this See by Chloe Tote this weekend. 

18 June 2009


I finally got a Nooka watch. I have wanted one of these for ages! I was able to get a great deal on Gilt. Check it out and join here. They also had my Matt+Nat bag there they day after I bought it at Bloomindale's.

14 June 2009

Stop Motion Con't.

Thanks to Marie (my favourite cowl maker) , here's a video showing how the Deadline Stop Motion was made.

13 June 2009

Stop Motion

This is a super cool stop-motion video.

12 June 2009

Puma Factory Lo

Puma Factory Lo
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I had seen photos of these shoes online and couldn't really figure them out. When I saw them at the PUMA store a week or so ago, I decided I really needed them!


I have been equally fascinated and creeped out by marionettes. I'm pretty sure when I was a kid I really wanted one. "Being John Malkovich" probably had the best marionettes I had ever seen, but then again I really haven't seen any. I'm really not too sure what to think about these giant ones. 

31 May 2009

Turk + Taylor

Turk + Taylor
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I have this thing for zip ups and hound dogs. I was at Capsule in Hayes Valley today... I mean the Union Design Fair (I can't remember the new name of this thing), and saw this great hoodie, so I had to get it! Overall, the fair was really good. I ran into some great people I knew and made a great contact with another bag maker. And of course I has some Frjtz's for lunch!

24 May 2009

I love Marc Jacobs. I love Bloomingdale's.

I found the cutest marc jacobs' shoes at Bloomingdale's. I could actually buy them because I got them on sale! I saved $110! 

T.S. Spivet

This is probably the best book I have read in, well I can't even put a number on how many years. It's amazing. It's everything I've ever wanted in a novel: A quirky, cartographic genius of a boy on a grand adventure and lots of science. That's all I'm going to say. Read it. 

19 May 2009

Mourning Doves 2009

Mourning Doves
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My mourning dove returned to her nest this year. Last year she built one nest. So far this is her second clutch for this year. I think her first clutch completely failed and I found her dead baby on my porch. So far this clutch seems to be doing better.

03 May 2009

Loose in the Mailunit

Loose in the Mailunit
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I know it's the 'in' thing to hate the USPS, but I've never felt that way. I've always been a huge fan of any mail service. I love everything about mail. Lately, while I was extremely exhausted I accidently put my rent cheque that was in an envelope only marked with my landlord's name in a USPS box. I didn't have an address on it because I only need to put my rent cheque in this box in my garage door. Anyways, I didn't actually realize this idiotic blunder until 24 h later! I madly phoned my bank to cancel the cheque. Turns out it cost $30 to cancel a cheque ($15 if you do it on the internet). Lame. I then remembered I had actually written three cheques that same day, luckily by examining the pen imprints on my next cheque I had cancelled the right one. I was still worried that someone was able to cash the cheque before I cancelled. This where, while I love the USPS, I don't always trust all their employees. My mailman wears jeans, doesn't organize the mail to my property so I have to look through three boxed to pick mine out, and I swear somedays he just takes the day off.
I received a surprise in my box on Saturday. A letter for me from a USPS department "Loose the the Mailunit" from an Oakland post office. Inside was a form letter about how they found an article of mine that was loose in the handling system and my cheque! Phew!

30 April 2009


Boston Subway
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I recently went to Hartford, New Haven, and Boston. My first trip to New England. I loved it. I especially loved Boston's especially ancient subway system. I wish I had a photo that better captured this.
Yale was an incredible campus and really made me want to go to grad school again. I kept my eye out for Blaire or some GG filming.
I also checked out Harvard and kept my eye out for E.O. Wilson, but no luck.

15 April 2009

it was the hat, afterall

Last night, I saw Leonard Cohen live. This was probably one of the best concerts I had ever been to. It was also the most money I had ever paid for a concert and we were in the 2nd crappiest section. I don't see big acts a lot, but this was still pricey for a big act I think. 

Growing up, our tv was in the cold dark room in the basement. This room also housed numerous books shelves and the sound system for our house. This was a record player sound system, and get this, it was so hi-tech it even had a tape deck. While watching TV I would also look through my dad's record collection. I vaguely remember there being a lot a Beatles albums and stuff like Cream and the newest album being Thriller, which I kinda remember was actually my brother's. I always remember seeing Leonard Cohen's "Songs of" because of the album art on the back and the photograph of Cohen on the front which I probably thought resembled my dad. I didn't actually listen to that album until I was in junior high. My sister, who was in high school at the time, had a friend over who thought it was awesome we had that record, so we started listening to it. I've listened to him since. 

Anyways. The concert was amazing. He played for 3 hours. Not a fan of encores, I did appreciate that when he ran off stage (actually skipped) he only waited for about 10 seconds before running back on. He had some pretty classic dance moves too. He also did stop and say some pretty hilarious Leonard stuff such as 'I haven't been here for 14 years, when I was 60 and a kid with a crazy dream'. I wish I had brought a pen to write all the stuff down. 

Oh and if you can, rent the documentary "Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr. Leonard Cohen".

05 April 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I'm usually jaded when I hear about such projects. Making a movie based on Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are"? Give me a break. But with Spike Jonze directing, Dave Eggers writing the screenplay, and The Arcade Fire providing the soundtrack, it has some serious potential. I will definitely be catching this in the theatre. Maybe this time I will actually be able to see it in 3D, unlike the Coraline fiasco. 

03 April 2009


Marcel Dzama directed a music video! Department of Eagles - No One Does it Like You

And here is a video about him directing the video:

Go Winnipeg! Go Marcel!

19 March 2009

Bart Art

I am absolutely loving the new advertisements for BART at the stations. It's all by Mick Wiggins. I love seeing the California flora and fauna in a Bart Station.

16 March 2009

New Book.

I haven't been able to put this book down. Read it. It is strange in so many ways, but fascinating and incredibly well written. I am always amazed by the ability of translators. 

15 March 2009

Saturday Grey Day

Not only did I eat a lot of sweets yesterday, but I bought a pair of shoes and a marc jacobs' hoodie. Both items were grey.

14 March 2009

Saturday Sweet Day

I spent part of the morning in Hayes Valley. We had lunch at Frjtz's and then had dessert at miette and paulette. We got some great caramels at meitte's and some malt balls of course. 
We also bought a couple macarons at miette so we could compare them to paulette's macarons. 

The larger lumpier brown (chocolate ones) are from miette. They were way too chewy. The beautiful smooth ones are from Paulette. They were much tastier. Although as much as I love the aesthetic of macarons they always seem like they would taste better than they actually do. They are tasty, but I just always expect more. 
I also got a new pair of shoes in Hayes Valley but I will post about those later. 

08 March 2009

This American Life

I got introduced to "This American Life" (and NPR) about 4 years ago when I first moved to the USA. My friend who had a lab across from mine would always be listening to it while he sorted ants. He would always tell me I would love it. I figured I would, since I was a diehard CBC fan in Canada. While I listened to NPR in my car, I just never got in the habit of listening to TAL. 
I'm not a huge fan of cutting fabric. I would find it tedious, but not anymore. I now cut fabric in one hour segments while listening to a TAL podcast. My one problem is that I need an order to everything. I decided that I would listen to every episode. I started with the newest one and continued. This would screw up a week later when a new one was added. I'd listen to the new one again and if I had time to listen to more than one a week I would jump down to where I left off. This was a little confusing. I started keeping track of the episodes in a notebook. Sometimes the "new" one was actually a rerun. My system was clearly flawed... well not exactly flawed, just not efficient or logical. I needed my system to be efficient and logical. I finally changed my system. Today I started at the very beginning. Episode One. I was wary of starting from the beginning because I thought they might not be as good, but so far I am happy with them. I don't know if I will ever catch up. I should make a point of listening to at least two a week. To get started with my new system on the right foot I'm going to listen to Episode Two today!

05 March 2009


I finally got to see Coraline this weekend. I was really excited to see a 3D movie, because I never have before. The theatre said it would be in 3D, but when we got there it wasn't! Turns out a 5:45 show on Saturday isn't in 3D. Thanks for letting me know internet. We didn't want to wait around until 7:00 to see it in 3D. Anyways, the movie was still amazing. I am most blown away by how it was made. There are tons of great videos on youtube that show the artists making all the crazy stuff. Did you know the cherry blossoms are actually popcorn? Watch this talented lady make miniature sweaters:

And this woman poke on every single piece of hair(!):

04 March 2009

Boreal Birch Syrup

My visiting friend brought me a Boreal Birch Syrup from her hometown, Thunder Bay, Ontario. This is a syrup made in her town by a couple of friends of her.
Thunder Bay is here:

Boreal birch syrup is produced much like maple syrup. This is a great video showing how they make it:

It has a more molasses-y taste than maple syrup. I really like it. I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes on their website. I think I'll try to butternut squash one first!

03 March 2009

Happy Square Root Day

I love days like this! This is probably more exciting the a palindromic year (1991, 2002). I couldn't believe I got to live through two of those!
Celebrate today by eating root vegetables cut into squares!

See full article

01 March 2009

New Music

I don't keep up with music nearly as much as I used to. Mainly due to lack of time and money. In the good ole days I probably bought a CD a week, now I am lucky if I can fine one new CD to get every couple of months. For the past few years the only way I have been finding new music has been through friends. My most recent visitor introduced me to Thao Nguyen and she may just be my next music obsession.

New Stuff

Last weekend I was shopping downtown with my friend who was visiting. I hadn't been to h&m in months, as I had gotten kinda sick of every store downtown except Bloomingdale's. I was quite pleased with what they had and got this coat.

It also matches my new Orla Kiely bag perfectly!