27 December 2008

Elvis Pillow

Elvis Pillow
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Anna got me this for xmas. I love it! His name is Elvis because he is a hound dog. You can get one in about every breed. I want more!

21 December 2008

The Ferocious Few

One of my favourite parts of going shopping downtown is the chance of seeing The Ferocious Few playing on Market. This is the only band I have seen play on the street where actually tons of people stop to watch. I was super happy to see them yesterday because the night before my sister and I were suppose to go see them play at a bar, but didn't feel like it anymore. We got to see them on the street the next day! I am also secretly in love with both members.

note: this photo wasn't taken by in. I found it on the internet.

20 December 2008

New Echino fabric!

New Echino fabric!
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I told myself I wouldn't do much Etsy blogging, but I am so obsessed with the new Echino line (as always). I made up this purse last night. I have lots more of the new stuff and can't wait to get some more done!

18 December 2008

Modish Blog

I did a handmade spaces feature on Modish. It was published today. Check it out!!

Modish Blog

16 December 2008

14 December 2008


So I decided to join ArtFire. I am too busy right now to have two online shops, but I figured in the Fall I might be able to hack it. You can't beat the promotion right now. $7.00/month for ever. I still don't know the site too well yet, but we will see how it goes.
Here is my referral link:

Register on ArtFire.com

07 December 2008

Marc Jacobs' Coat!!!!

I think I might have broken my record for an awesome deal. I spotted this great coat at Bloomindale's last Tuesday after I got my hair cut. I wrote it off as something way too expensive that I would never consider getting. It was $658. I thought I'd keep my eye on it as there can be some pretty good sales. I had gotten these Bloomingdale's coupons in the mail this week, but didn't think much of them because I didn't think the coat would apply. I phoned Bloomingdale's this morning and turned out they do work! I got 40% off the total price and an extra $125 off with my coupons. It came to $269 ($292 with tax)! I couldn't believe it. I also got two $15 gift cards and now have enough points on my Bloomingdale's card to get another $25 gift card. Now I can get a super price on a new pair of jeans! All my xmas money is going toward this coat!

06 December 2008

Large Purses

Black and Red Bag
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Lately I've been really liking making large purses!

30 November 2008

New Additions

New Additions
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My mantle has gotten a few new additions lately. I'm a big fan of the black vintage deer I got in Pacifica.

29 November 2008


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Last time my parents came to visit my dad made this for my thread. I think it almost looks like a piece of installation art.

My Bernina

My Bernina
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I love my Bernina. Well I certainly didn't pay only $35 for it, like my sewing machine, but I could not live without it. It has paid for itself! Probably the best investment I have ever made.

28 November 2008

My Elna

My Elna
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I feel so lucky to have this great machine. My mom found it at a flea market in Winnipeg for $35. It is the same make and model (but different year) that my mom bought when it came out in the 1960s. I grew up sewing on that machine of my mom's and she still uses hers.

27 November 2008


My succulents looked fabulous today!

14 November 2008

The Mission

I spent Sunday shopping in the mission (and a quick trip downtown to Bloomingdale's and anthropologie) with my sister.

Highs: little otsu, David Egger's Pirate Supply store, seeing The Ferocious Few play at Market and Powell, Frijtz's

Lows: seeing someone barf in a Guardian newspaper box and Fritz's EuroPop decor.

10 November 2008


I think marc jacobs might have beat out Betsey Johnson at the moment for best party dresses.

09 November 2008


I love stationery. Etsy has renewed my obsession with it. I had taken about a 10 year break from madly buying it up because I got sick of only finding Sanrio stuff. Lately I have bought this stuff off Etsy:

From http://hidenseek.etsy.com
And finally I bought something from CharlieMotel (http://charliemotel.etsy.com):

Sadly, CharlieMotel is closing down. Get her stuff on sale when you can!

The Linnaeus Bag No. 2

The Linnaeus Bag No. 2
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I don't usually post my Etsy stuff, but I just love this bag! It's one of my favourite Japanese fabrics, but I can't find it anywhere now!

02 November 2008

Best Birthday Ever

My sister took me to Disneyland for my birthday. We flew there Saturday AM left Sunday AM. It was way too fun, but also exhausting. I hadn't been there since like 1989 or something. Fantasyland was still my favourite part.

22 October 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger signed my Master's Degree

My mom could not stop laughing when I told her this. I am a laughing stock of my Canadian family and friends! Good thing I find it quite funny myself.

21 October 2008

St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch
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I just got back from Louisville, KY and St. Louis, MO. We just missed Obama!

11 October 2008

MacArthur Bart (In the Neighbourhood Part 2)

MacArthur Bart
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I forgot I wanted to post stuff about my neighbourhood.

I prefer the West Oakland Bart because it's only 1 stop to San Francisco. I have to use the MacArthur Bart during weekdays (if I'm actually off) because there is no parking at West Oakland (and it cost $5 if there is any).

08 October 2008

California Academy of Sciences

I made the trip out to Golden Gate Park this morning to check out the new Academy. 
I liked the African Exhibit best, except everyone wanted to see the penguins too!

My friend, Stephanie (beetlelady.etsy.com) does her PhD research here so I was able to see some of the real collection.

07 October 2008

New Coat

New Coat
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I refuse to buy anything full price at Anthropologie. Actually, I rarely buy anything frivolous full price. I could probably write a blog on just the great deals I get. Did I mention I got my $425 Betsey Johnson dress for only $140 (that INCLUDES tax!).
I got this coat for $90! regular $180. Pretty good! Oh and I also got a $150 skirt for $40!!

29 September 2008

Birthday Cake

I made a cake for my sister's birthday a few weeks ago. The requirements were Red Velvet with Seafoam coloured icing. 

28 September 2008

Hi Chew

I  have been a huge fan of HiChews since I bought them at Super-Cao Nguyen in Oklahoma City. Everytime I go to Japantown in SF I buy a bunch (and Pockys, of course). I want to have a party and at that party will be a huge bowl of HiChews. The best part is that the wrapper is the exact same for every flavour, so it would be a delicious surprise every time you tried one. 

09 August 2008

Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits
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I haven't been able to stop buying berkley illustration's animal portraits. http://berkleyillustration.etsy.com

04 July 2008

Mourning Doves

Mourning Doves
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A mourning dove nested above my front door. I can watch her fed her chicks from inside my apartment!

28 June 2008

In the Neighbourhood Part I

I thought I'd show a few things that are quite close to me. The MacArthur Maze is something I hear about everyday on the traffic report: "traffic is backed up to the foot of the maze". Luckily my commute doesn't have to deal with this mess. It got considerable news about a year ago when a tanker full of fuel crashed and melted one of the on ramps. The news reports like to hype up how bad the traffic would be. Traffic was at its lowest ever because people just did the smart thing and took Bart which is what they should be doing anyways.

15 June 2008


I recently have splurged and got a netflix subscription. I have never been a fan of programs that recommend items to you, but the netflix one is pretty good. Without it I would have never found, quite possibly, the greatest documentary ever made: Helvetica. When I saw the title, I immediately added it to my queue without even reading the description. And yes, it is ALL about the font. Not only could every gray-haired Western European interviewed be any relative on my dad's side, but they all understood my idea of aesthetic, which I thought was quite impossible to describe. Anyways. Go see it.

24 May 2008

The Richmond Bridge

Everyday I get the pleasure of driving over the Richmond Bridge. This bridge is not nearly as spectacular as the Golden Gate or immense like the Bay Bridge. I think the best part about it is that you get a great view of San Quentin Prison. Anyways, this post is about the first time I got stuck in some severe traffic on this bridge. I remember a few months ago when people were stuck for hours on the Bay Bridge. I remember that in particular because I was trying to get a parking spot at the West Oakland Bart Station and so was everyone else because of the bridge being so backed up. Last friday I was driving up the approach to the Richmond Bridge toll plazas and things slowed down like they normally do, but I soon realized this was different when nothing was moving. Turns out there was a accident and the whole bridge was closed. I was past the last possible exit so there was no way out. Everyone just started getting out of their cars. People were reversing on the shoulder to get to that last exit. I had forgotten my cell phone, so I walked up to someone's car to borrow theirs so I could call my work. We sat there for 1h45min. I had left for work at 7:30am and got there at 10:00am. It was quite the morning.

21 May 2008

Miss Manners

I'm a huge fan of old etiquette books and Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior has to be my favourite. Here is a quote from her chapter on Modern Romance. Keep in mind that I have a 1982 edition.

"There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered: entertainment, food, and affection. It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection. As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately. When the affection is the entertainment, we no longer call it dating. Under no circumstances can the food be omitted."

Everyone should model their dating after that description. I also love it because it could probably be written as a nice equation. 

10 May 2008

Product Packaging Part 1

I've always been interested in font choice and packaging. I have been noticing that for the past few years gum packaging looks a lot like cigarette packaging. More recently I have been noticing gum and other products that look more like condom packaging. Condom font I like to call it. Stride gum and Hershey Bliss are good examples. It is even more apparent on the Bliss commercial when they show a square a chocolate in that packaging. Being a Hershey product, I am sure it will taste like wax, so I refuse to buy it even for it's subliminal packaging.

09 May 2008

new business card front

new business card front
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This is the front of the new business card that http://fauxtograph.etsy.com designed for me!
I really wanted a 'golden book' animal feel. It was tough to find an image. I really happy with the result! I put my order in tonight to overnightprints.com. I can't wait to get them.