28 November 2008

My Elna

My Elna
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I feel so lucky to have this great machine. My mom found it at a flea market in Winnipeg for $35. It is the same make and model (but different year) that my mom bought when it came out in the 1960s. I grew up sewing on that machine of my mom's and she still uses hers.


Marie said...

the older ones are the best ;o) and they're not plastic!
i use an old one too, a Singer :)

Anonymous said...

How cool it is to revisit your childhood with a function piece! i agree with Marie - the older models are so much better!

Taina said...

Great machine!

I have two machines, one was my grandmother's (father's mother). A 1947 Singer that comes out of a table. The other was my mother's, a "New Home" from the 70's. Both work like a charm. I want a serger so badly, though! Next big purchase after a new computer.