27 December 2008

Elvis Pillow

Elvis Pillow
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Anna got me this for xmas. I love it! His name is Elvis because he is a hound dog. You can get one in about every breed. I want more!

21 December 2008

The Ferocious Few

One of my favourite parts of going shopping downtown is the chance of seeing The Ferocious Few playing on Market. This is the only band I have seen play on the street where actually tons of people stop to watch. I was super happy to see them yesterday because the night before my sister and I were suppose to go see them play at a bar, but didn't feel like it anymore. We got to see them on the street the next day! I am also secretly in love with both members.

note: this photo wasn't taken by in. I found it on the internet.

20 December 2008

New Echino fabric!

New Echino fabric!
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I told myself I wouldn't do much Etsy blogging, but I am so obsessed with the new Echino line (as always). I made up this purse last night. I have lots more of the new stuff and can't wait to get some more done!

18 December 2008

Modish Blog

I did a handmade spaces feature on Modish. It was published today. Check it out!!

Modish Blog

16 December 2008

14 December 2008


So I decided to join ArtFire. I am too busy right now to have two online shops, but I figured in the Fall I might be able to hack it. You can't beat the promotion right now. $7.00/month for ever. I still don't know the site too well yet, but we will see how it goes.
Here is my referral link:

Register on ArtFire.com

07 December 2008

Marc Jacobs' Coat!!!!

I think I might have broken my record for an awesome deal. I spotted this great coat at Bloomindale's last Tuesday after I got my hair cut. I wrote it off as something way too expensive that I would never consider getting. It was $658. I thought I'd keep my eye on it as there can be some pretty good sales. I had gotten these Bloomingdale's coupons in the mail this week, but didn't think much of them because I didn't think the coat would apply. I phoned Bloomingdale's this morning and turned out they do work! I got 40% off the total price and an extra $125 off with my coupons. It came to $269 ($292 with tax)! I couldn't believe it. I also got two $15 gift cards and now have enough points on my Bloomingdale's card to get another $25 gift card. Now I can get a super price on a new pair of jeans! All my xmas money is going toward this coat!

06 December 2008

Large Purses

Black and Red Bag
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Lately I've been really liking making large purses!