28 September 2009

Stop Motion again

I love stop motion. See earlier posts: here and here. This current one I found on my friend Arjun's blog. This will also be an attempt to link the foodie/wine blogosphere to the.. umm... well whatever blogosphere my blog is in. Enjoy!

27 September 2009

TAL update

Two posts in one day, are you crazy? Probably, but don't worry I won't be inundating the blogosphere with mundane posts, most likely you won't here from me in a month. I was listening to TAL Episode 30 today (Obsessions) and was fascinated by the artist, Liza Lou. She decided to bead her whole kitchen (see above photo). An obsession, indeed. Remember I am still in 1996, so this may be old news to you. I started to think my listening to TAL in order from the beginning was also some sort of obsession and I really should be documenting this and probably have a separate blog just about it. I could write my commentary on each episode. I don't really want to do that, as I'm sure you wouldn't want to read it. I will just do a few posts when I feel like it on my regular blog, such as this post, which was suppose to be about Liza Lou. Another caveat: I must admit I am skipping the episodes about the 1996 political conventions and the one about Bob Dole. Living in the US for five years I had more than enough of my share of hearing about elections and politics and conventions and blah, blah, blah.

City of Craft

I'm excited to be finally doing shows. I'll be at City of Craft in Toronto in December! It looks like a great show with a lot of talented vendors. I still find it hard to believe I got accepted! This weekend, I never cut out so much fabric at one time. I think I listened to eight episodes of This American Life. I'm still in 1996 in terms of my This American Life listen project. I have more to cut today, so I'll knock off a few more episodes. Also with my new sewing room setup I think I'll be able to listen while I sew as well. I'm also doing a smaller show in Mississauga at the end of November. I figured I'd need some practice as I'm totally new to doing shows.

24 September 2009

The Classics

I love reading. I also love reading "The Classics", but feel I have not read nearly enough of them. I just finished "Jane Eyre" and loved it. I loved Jane's fiery personality. Sometimes I don't realise that over 100 years ago there were personalities like that. I always think they were all pious and proper. Now I need another book. Any suggestions?

20 September 2009

New Beagle

I went to some local flea markets today. I must say I am pretty impressed. They were in the country, but only a 10 minute drive from my house. I will be visiting them often. I liked it better than going to the crazy one in Alameda, CA.
Anyways... I found a new beagle for my collection. It's a Beswick, so I actually had to pay a fair bit of money for him, but I just love him!

19 September 2009

It's been awhile...

My posting was interrupted by my move back to Canada. This involved driving from the Bay Area, California, to Manitoba, then to Southern Ontario. It took almost as long to drive from Manitoba to Ontario than going through seven states.
This was the embargo:

On the drive through Ontario, we stopped in Thunder Bay, so I could visit my dear friend, Aynsley. On the way out we stopped by the Terry Fox Memorial. Douglas Coupland wrote a great piece about Terry Fox in "Souvenir of Canada: 2".

Now I have been busy getting settled and organizing my new place. Here is my room! I'll put up a photo of my cute red and yellow kitchen soon.

In other news I got accepted into City of Craft for their show in December!