22 October 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger signed my Master's Degree

My mom could not stop laughing when I told her this. I am a laughing stock of my Canadian family and friends! Good thing I find it quite funny myself.

21 October 2008

St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch
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I just got back from Louisville, KY and St. Louis, MO. We just missed Obama!

11 October 2008

MacArthur Bart (In the Neighbourhood Part 2)

MacArthur Bart
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I forgot I wanted to post stuff about my neighbourhood.

I prefer the West Oakland Bart because it's only 1 stop to San Francisco. I have to use the MacArthur Bart during weekdays (if I'm actually off) because there is no parking at West Oakland (and it cost $5 if there is any).

08 October 2008

California Academy of Sciences

I made the trip out to Golden Gate Park this morning to check out the new Academy. 
I liked the African Exhibit best, except everyone wanted to see the penguins too!

My friend, Stephanie (beetlelady.etsy.com) does her PhD research here so I was able to see some of the real collection.

07 October 2008

New Coat

New Coat
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I refuse to buy anything full price at Anthropologie. Actually, I rarely buy anything frivolous full price. I could probably write a blog on just the great deals I get. Did I mention I got my $425 Betsey Johnson dress for only $140 (that INCLUDES tax!).
I got this coat for $90! regular $180. Pretty good! Oh and I also got a $150 skirt for $40!!