27 January 2009


This is probably one of favourite blogs to read about copycats. Fascinating how Emily the Strange was ripped off from Nate the Great books.

You Thought We Wouldn't Notice

24 January 2009

New Spectacles

I picked up my new glasses today. They are by Francis Klein. I feel I betrayed Anne et Valentin and la font, but I guess that happens. These might be my favourite frames ever.

16 January 2009

Succulent Bloomed!

Succulent Bloomed!
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My succulent bloomed!

04 January 2009


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Having an intimate connection with Air Canada I immediately recognized where the boarding card on the background of this plate came from. I like how they tried to change the 'C' into an unintelligible letter. I assume it is most likely illegal to use that image then. I did get it at Urban Counterfeiters, so that explains that!

02 January 2009

Apple TV!

Even though I'm not that into TV (other than GossipGirl) and I don't even have cable, I decided I totally wanted this for xmas after seeing it on someone's flickr account. I got it in the mail today! It just might be one of the cutest things ever.