30 March 2011


Chronicle postcard.

Another postcard from Dana. This postcard reminds me of Archie comics. Archie comics were the only comics I ever read. I also love it because Dana used a beautiful Audrey Hepburn stamp.

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23 March 2011

I love foreign money.

About a month ago I decided to jump on an opportunity to go to Sweden and Norway for a couple of weeks to visit some friends in April. I am ridiculously excited. I will be visiting the country that has furnished every apartment of my adult life. Today I picked up my Swedish and Norwegian Kroners from the bank. I am even more excited now, because one of the Swedish bills features Carl Linnaeus. How cool is that? Every country should have money devoted to a great scientist.

16 March 2011

26 December 2008

David Shrigley.

David Shrigley always has the craziest cards. The hotdog even has googly eyes. So strange.

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13 March 2011


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Most of the NYC weekend was spent eating. I was on a budget, so I couldn't indulge in any Bloomingdale's or Anthropologie buys. Luckily, I actually didn't see anything I really wanted, even at Brooklyn Industries.
The morning was donuts from Donut Planet. They were delicious even though they were a bunch of douchebags that worked there. After we realized we hadn't gotten one of the donuts we ordered and told them, their only response was that they had sold out of that one. Hello, can you at least give us another one, we paid for it! Anyways, they were delicious and we did receive a different donut for the one that had sold out. The rest of the day involved eating a street pretzel, Momfuko Milk Bar's cereal-milk ice cream and cookies, tea from teany, and a perfect dinner at The MeatBall Shop. I don't want to know how many calories I consumed. Good thing I spent at least eight hours a day walking.

10 March 2011

New York

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I had a fabulous weekend in New York recently. One of the days I spent with my penpal. We walked around the city all day. One of my favourite shops we visited was Fish Eddys. I wanted to buy a tonne of stuff there. I only bought 'Heroes of the Torah' coasters to send to a friend.

09 March 2011

20 July 2010

Henri Cartier-Bresson. Juvisy, France. 1938.

Another old photograph, so I'm bound to like it. I like this one because you can imagine they have been out fishing all day and are stopping to have their much needed lunch break. Looks like they brought a pretty good picnic.

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02 March 2011

13 August 2008

Franck Auberson. Squirrel.

As you all probably know, I love animals. I grew up in Manitoba, where we only had grey and red squirrels. I was really excited when I moved to Hamilton, Ontario in August 2009 because they also had black squirrels like this guy. Too cute.

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