23 March 2011

I love foreign money.

About a month ago I decided to jump on an opportunity to go to Sweden and Norway for a couple of weeks to visit some friends in April. I am ridiculously excited. I will be visiting the country that has furnished every apartment of my adult life. Today I picked up my Swedish and Norwegian Kroners from the bank. I am even more excited now, because one of the Swedish bills features Carl Linnaeus. How cool is that? Every country should have money devoted to a great scientist.


Katja Maki said...

Wow how exciting! Have a great trip!!

jamberry_song said...

I love foreign money, too. It's always so colorful and mysterious. :)

Have a great trip and take lots of pictures to share!!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic!! I hope it's a good trip with memorable stories :-)

I bet Canadian money does not look very exciting to foreigners. I miss our old bills. Soon they will be polymer, that will feel strange.