28 February 2009

Soy Tourista!

I was lucky enough to have a friend visit me for a week. I got to do some touristy things that I hadn't done yet, like walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove down the coast a lot which is always nice. Seeing the Elephant Seals at Ano Neuvo was probably the best part!

16 February 2009

They're Back!

Last summer, I was extremely lucky to have a family of Mourning Doves nest above my doorway. They had two clutches last summer.

Lately I've been noticing some possible clues that they were back. Twigs and grass are left right outside my front door. The other day there was a long piece of green vegetation hanging right down in front of my door. They had cleaned it up a few hours later. Then I would start to hear them chirping away early in the morning. I took this photo today from the inside of my house. This nest is especially special because I can watch them from inside my house!

14 February 2009

Berkley Illustration

Did I ever tell you how much I am in love with BerkleyIllustration's prints? I'm sure I did. Plenty of times! If you have been to my apartment this fact is very apparent.
I am anxiously waiting for their new February animals. Then I will buy this Meerkat and maybe one of the new ones. My collection will never be complete.

08 February 2009

Orla Kiely

I've been wanting to buy an Orla Kiely bag forever. I actually really, really want her luggage, but fancy luggage is something I will never justify buying. I'd been holding off buying one of her bags mainly because I couldn't really afford one. When there was finally a good bag sale at Bloomingdale's hers were all sold out. BUT they are currently 50% off at her website. It took a long time to decide which one to get. I hope I am happy with it!