08 October 2008

California Academy of Sciences

I made the trip out to Golden Gate Park this morning to check out the new Academy. 
I liked the African Exhibit best, except everyone wanted to see the penguins too!

My friend, Stephanie (beetlelady.etsy.com) does her PhD research here so I was able to see some of the real collection.


Taina said...

Awesome photos! Looks like so much fun.

Angela said...

The wall of taxidermy and the insect collection are awesome!

Jacqueline DuBois said...

The second picture looks like a crowd of people staring at a pile of Yukon Gold Potatos. Hehe. :)

Jacqueline DuBois said...

cont'd ... which totally reminded me of this photographer. Check out this site.


-click on website, then fotographics. It's cool.:)