27 September 2009

TAL update

Two posts in one day, are you crazy? Probably, but don't worry I won't be inundating the blogosphere with mundane posts, most likely you won't here from me in a month. I was listening to TAL Episode 30 today (Obsessions) and was fascinated by the artist, Liza Lou. She decided to bead her whole kitchen (see above photo). An obsession, indeed. Remember I am still in 1996, so this may be old news to you. I started to think my listening to TAL in order from the beginning was also some sort of obsession and I really should be documenting this and probably have a separate blog just about it. I could write my commentary on each episode. I don't really want to do that, as I'm sure you wouldn't want to read it. I will just do a few posts when I feel like it on my regular blog, such as this post, which was suppose to be about Liza Lou. Another caveat: I must admit I am skipping the episodes about the 1996 political conventions and the one about Bob Dole. Living in the US for five years I had more than enough of my share of hearing about elections and politics and conventions and blah, blah, blah.

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HUzzah! Vintage said...

holy shit this is rad! better even than the gingerbread house kitchen with sugar floors at PS1 a few years ago.