28 September 2008

Hi Chew

I  have been a huge fan of HiChews since I bought them at Super-Cao Nguyen in Oklahoma City. Everytime I go to Japantown in SF I buy a bunch (and Pockys, of course). I want to have a party and at that party will be a huge bowl of HiChews. The best part is that the wrapper is the exact same for every flavour, so it would be a delicious surprise every time you tried one. 


Brandon said...

I never knew. I'll look for them.

Taina said...

I've never tried a Hi Chew before! I love pockys, though. I will have to look for them. Also, I had no idea there were new blog posts until I received a PC from you yesterday! hooray! It's like Christmas!

Christine said...

The sad thing is, I've never actually tried Hi-Chew although I've always wanted to.

I'll have to buy some the next time I'm at the Super-Cao Nguyen although my family usually shops at the Chinatown Supermarket down the street. I think they have some there too. Hmmm.

I hope they have mango.