24 May 2008

The Richmond Bridge

Everyday I get the pleasure of driving over the Richmond Bridge. This bridge is not nearly as spectacular as the Golden Gate or immense like the Bay Bridge. I think the best part about it is that you get a great view of San Quentin Prison. Anyways, this post is about the first time I got stuck in some severe traffic on this bridge. I remember a few months ago when people were stuck for hours on the Bay Bridge. I remember that in particular because I was trying to get a parking spot at the West Oakland Bart Station and so was everyone else because of the bridge being so backed up. Last friday I was driving up the approach to the Richmond Bridge toll plazas and things slowed down like they normally do, but I soon realized this was different when nothing was moving. Turns out there was a accident and the whole bridge was closed. I was past the last possible exit so there was no way out. Everyone just started getting out of their cars. People were reversing on the shoulder to get to that last exit. I had forgotten my cell phone, so I walked up to someone's car to borrow theirs so I could call my work. We sat there for 1h45min. I had left for work at 7:30am and got there at 10:00am. It was quite the morning.


Taina said...

bleh. I just got your note about the traffic! I am thankful for mass transit here but yesterday because of un-announced construction on my train line, it took me an extra 45 mins to get home from a friend's (a normally 15 min ride.) I feel your pain.

I hope everyone in the accident was okay!

Kilkennycat said...

Eep! As much as I love San Francisco, I'll never live in California again due to traffic. Growing up there I used up all my patience early. hehe =)

Rosebud Collection said...

Nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic..That sure is a long bridge.