07 May 2008

The Party Dress

I have been on the hunt for the perfect 1950s "style" party dress for about 10 years. "Style" because the authentic ones are impossible to find and when found are usually size two. I have found and bought two so far. They are almost my idea of the perfect party dress. Today I found the penultimate to my search, but it's a Betsey Johnson and really not something I should be spending my money (or lack thereof) on right now. Even though I do have the perfect shoes and handbag for it. Oh goodness.


Waterrose said...

OH, it's too bad I didn't read this two years ago. I came across, and got a huge lot in an auction of 40's and 50's party dresses. They were all adorable and I sold most on the other E site....I couldn't keep them since as you said..they were size 2!

Shell Mitchell said...

Adorable dress, it would look so cute on you!