31 July 2009

The desk of my dreams

I saw this desk while shopping on Fillmore at Designs Within Reach. I decided that I had to have it. It would be perfect for my little writing desk nook I was planning on having in my new apartment. Then I saw the price tag and realized this desk would never be mine. I immediately emailed the link to my dad and asked if he could make me one. He was hellbent on explaining that the legs would be difficult. I tried to explain to him that it really wasn't the legs I was interested in. I think that was his way of telling me he really didn't want to embark on such a project. It ended with him telling me "it would be cheaper if you just bought it." I had to remind him that it costs $1800! Then he just tried to change the subject. He really doesn't feel like doing any of my projects anymore. 


Kate8085 said...

Maybe you could convince him to just do the top, and you can tell him you will figure out the legs?
Whew. It blows when you really, really want something!

TheSeaWithin said...

I tried to tell him he could just do whatever for the legs... he just really doesn't want to the this.