03 May 2009

Loose in the Mailunit

Loose in the Mailunit
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I know it's the 'in' thing to hate the USPS, but I've never felt that way. I've always been a huge fan of any mail service. I love everything about mail. Lately, while I was extremely exhausted I accidently put my rent cheque that was in an envelope only marked with my landlord's name in a USPS box. I didn't have an address on it because I only need to put my rent cheque in this box in my garage door. Anyways, I didn't actually realize this idiotic blunder until 24 h later! I madly phoned my bank to cancel the cheque. Turns out it cost $30 to cancel a cheque ($15 if you do it on the internet). Lame. I then remembered I had actually written three cheques that same day, luckily by examining the pen imprints on my next cheque I had cancelled the right one. I was still worried that someone was able to cash the cheque before I cancelled. This where, while I love the USPS, I don't always trust all their employees. My mailman wears jeans, doesn't organize the mail to my property so I have to look through three boxed to pick mine out, and I swear somedays he just takes the day off.
I received a surprise in my box on Saturday. A letter for me from a USPS department "Loose the the Mailunit" from an Oakland post office. Inside was a form letter about how they found an article of mine that was loose in the handling system and my cheque! Phew!

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