30 April 2009


Boston Subway
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I recently went to Hartford, New Haven, and Boston. My first trip to New England. I loved it. I especially loved Boston's especially ancient subway system. I wish I had a photo that better captured this.
Yale was an incredible campus and really made me want to go to grad school again. I kept my eye out for Blaire or some GG filming.
I also checked out Harvard and kept my eye out for E.O. Wilson, but no luck.


Angela said...

Oh, how I am jealous! I am super homesick for Boston right now. And if I still lived there, we could have met!

Hope you had a great trip.

cabin + cub said...

I still have yet to make it there... that is on the list with chicago and new york for me.

earmark said...

Boston is the best! I lived there for a while and it is a SUPERB place to live, visit, explore. Glad you had fun! You should move there, you would love it I am sure! I myself, am trying to make my way back there! :)

I have nominated your blog for an Honest Scrap Award! :)