08 October 2009


So for part of the week I get to hang out at a Catholic HighSchool. This brings back many terribly memories of my own grade seven to nine experience. Their uniforms are way better mainly because there are more options and they have kept the classic jumper. They also have a much more interesting Virgin Mary in one of their hallways. It is even more endearing because it has a "Sacred Area. No Loitering" sign by it. The craziest thing I did see what this poster for 'faithbook'. Very humorous and really strange. I actually don't really know what to think of it. This reminds me of the things I don't miss about Oklahoma.

Check out JC's wall:

Does Jeff Gord0n know he is on there? I didn't even know Jeff Gordon was into Jesus, is he?And Carrie Underwood? I'm pretty sure Darwin does not want to be there.
See it all up close.

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Taina said...

hahaha! How strange! I didn't know you went to Catholic school!