08 August 2010

New Table

This is not to replace my kitchen table, but I couldn't pass it up. I found it in a shop on Ottawa St in Hamilton. It's in my new living room right now. It's too cute.

I'm a blogging fool lately. If you read my previous post, I am serious about my postcard posts. I already have written timed updates for every week for the next few months. I hope everyone enjoys seeing the postcards I have received! The first one will be up tomorrow and then on every following Wednesday.


jamberry_song said...

Adorable vintage table; looks like a great place to set up a workshop or something. Do you plan to do anything to it (re-cushion the chairs, collage the table top, etc.)?

TheSeaWithin said...

I just like to live it in it's original form. The chairs are in great condition so they don't have to be reupholstered or anything!