20 August 2010

Fall 2009

Postcard from Annie.
Annie is a good friend I met when I lived in the Bay Area. We met at an Etsy Meetup at SFMOMA in February 2007 (I think). We would usually go to other Etsy meetups together, big craft shows (Renegade, etc...), get some fries at Frijtz's, or just check out the Creative Reuse store in Oakland. When I moved back to Canada she would send me some beautiful hand made cards. Annie is a wonderful collage artist and poet.
Check out her stuff: Etsy Blog

See original blog post about my postcard posting project.


annie said...

thanks for this lovely post :)
i like this series of displaying postcards you've received over the years.

Taina said...

Wow, Annie makes some gorgeous things!