18 August 2010

15 April 2009

Tina Barney. The Yellow Room. 1997.

I'm not sure why I liked this card so much. It might be the yellow walls. It also reminded me of this very small book my friend had brought on our bike trip in 1999. I can't even remember what is was called. It was a short story and and the book it self was about half the size of a normal pocket book. I thought it had something to do with a yellow room, but I really cannot remember. I'll have to ask her. 

See original blog post about my postcard posting project. 


Taina said...

I don't even remember sending this postcard! How long ago was it? I like it, too. =)

TheSeaWithin said...

15 April 2009. See blog post title :) I put the dates as the post title. Thanks for all the comments!