30 August 2010

12 March 2008

Lucian Freud. Double Portraits. 1985-1986.

I love this card because of the dog in it. I really miss having a dog. Tell me about your favourite dog.

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Taina said...

My favorite dog is my friend Annie's dog Bella. She was a rescue dog that Annie fostered and then later adopted. She's a pitbull mix and the sweetest thing ever. She's mostly white with a few brown spots. She's super friendly and sweet, never barks, wags her tail a lot. She sometimes gets so excited that she bursts blood vessels in her ears. She's had surgery on both ears in the past year and a half. Last year's surgery left one of her ears floppy, giving her a much friendlier look. Little children say "look, a big rabbit!" when they see her.