12 August 2010

The New Room

As you know, well you would if you consistently read my blog, which I doubt anyone does, you'd know that I have moved. Here's my new room:

I'm really starting to like it. It has an amazing closet.
I still miss my old room:

Oh well. It had to be done and I do like my new one. Overall, I think there are a lot of things about this new apartment that I like better, so in the end it's all for the better.


NessaGurl said...

beautiful! We've been in our house for six years now and sometimes it feels like we've never really "moved in". Our bedroom walls are almost bare despite the fact that we have tons of my husbands art that we could hang up... *sigh* I wish we had your room!

Also... what is that fabulous apple thingy? is it a tv?

TheSeaWithin said...

Thanks so much! I was lucky that I had time before I started my job to really move in!

Yep, it's an apple TV! I'm not using it right now because I don't have cable, and my antenna is on the TV in my living room. It's just so cute!

jamberry_song said...

Congrats on moving! It looks like a beautiful, comfy room. :) Such warm colors, for sure.

Jacqueline DuBois said...

Room looks awesome. And yeah, love the tv!!

Adrienne said...

Your room looks so cozy! I really miss having hardwood floors, they add so much character and warmth to a house/apartment. Plus I know what the view outside your windows must look like (the Marina?) so I'm extra jealous. :)

TheSeaWithin said...

Adrienne, I have to look out at a bit of an angle, but I can see the water and sleeping giant! I strategically set up my computer where I can see the water while at my desk!