10 September 2010

Spring 2010

Annie Leibovitz. Photograph of David Byrne. 1986.

Postcard from Melisa.

I met Melisa in Grade 7, while we were both attending an all-girls Catholic school. I was lucky to leave in Grade 10, while Melisa became a "Super Sixer". We remained friends since then. After undergrad, I moved to Oklahoma, so that began some postcard sharing. We always send each other weird postcards and don't put much of a message on the back. Usually something short and/or silly.

See original blog post about my postcard posting project.


Jessica said...

Hi Nadine,

Love seeing all your postcard posts! I have a ton of Chronicle Books postcards - Anne Taintor, etc - too, and lots of others. I used to work there! I'm happy to send you some as well if you'd like. I've also got postcard penpals.

m e l i g r o s a said...

that is awesome - sending postcards is something everyone should do more often :D