03 September 2010

22 January 2009

Postcard from Alexis.

I met Alexis in undergrad. I think in our last two years. We had a lot of fun times in those years. She was my best antiquing partner. Whenever I'm back in Winnipeg, we try to go antiquing. We did some last Christmas break, which is when I found one of my favourite porcelain hounds. After undergrad, I moved to Oklahoma for grad school. Alexis gave me a set of Anne Taintor postcards from Chronicle Books. While in Oklahoma, I mailed her tonnes of these cards and I got a lot from her. I remember she liked to send Stella Mars cards. I can't remember where I placed all the postcards I received while in Oklahoma. They may be in Winnipeg... What I am saying is that Alexis probably was the one that got me started on sending postcards with that Anne Taintor set. Previous to that I had tonnes of stationery, but hadn't gotten quite into the postcard sets. Way to go, Alexis!
I'll actually be back in Winnipeg this weekend for Alexis' wedding! Congratulations!

See original blog post about my postcard posting project.

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