23 May 2010


I saw this amazing wallpaper on the great blog Indie Fixx. I really want to wallpaper a room now. I think I'd better do that when I have my own house. This is somewhat a blown up version of my problem with buying party dresses in anticipation of places I'd have to wear them, in which, I rarely do. Good thing I have a wedding this summer, so I can finally wear my Betsey Johnson party dress I bought a couple years ago. Anyways, now I am afraid I will start buying wallpaper for a house I have yet to own.


Hampton House said...

That is such a delightful wall paper! hmmmm where could I use it in my house?

blueditty said...

Hah! Funny that, I've had wallpaper in my closet for 5 years, because I just can't quite decide about it.

Unsolicited advice, but...Don't buy that wallpaper!