27 October 2010

22 March 2009

Agnes Martin. Friendship. 1963.

I like this card because it's simple and yellow.

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24 October 2010

15 August 2008

Robert Doisineau. Young man on a tandem. 1953. 

Received this card from Holland through Postcrossing. Another great black and white card. I wonder why this man is carrying a bicycle and riding a tandem by himself. 

22 October 2010

09 July 2008

Stella Marrs.

Another crazy card from Melisa. Stella Marrs makes fantastic postcards. I like that they are usually black and white and red or black and white and turquoise.

20 October 2010

22 July 2010

Jules Bastien-Lepage. Joan of Arc. 1879.

Last July, I was in NYC visiting my sister. I spent one afternoon with Taina. We visited a lot of museums. While at the Met, Taina showed me this painting as it was her favourite one. It was quite incredible in real life. I like this card because it reminds me of a great afternoon I had with Taina. This was one of the first postcards I received when I moved across Ontario shortly after I got back from NYC. 

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18 October 2010

18 July 2008

Jeff Wall. In Front of a Nightclub. 2006.

I never know who Jeff Wall was until I started getting his postcards from Taina. I just love his work. I can't really explain why though.

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13 October 2010

23 March 2009

Frances Benjamin Johnston. Stairway of the Treasurer's Residence: Students at Work. 1899-1900.

Another black and white photo that I love. I really like the subject matter of seeing everyone working on the staircase. I love how you can see them putting in all the detail. I also like this card because it has evidence of going through the postal system. There are some big scratches on it. I always like when you can tell the card experienced some wear and tear to make it to your place.

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12 October 2010

World's Smallest Postal Service

I don't think I ever told you about one of the coolest mail-related projects. It's the World's Smallest Postal Service. For a small fee, the wonderful Lea will write an extremely small letter to a friend for you. Wax seal included. It even comes with a magnifier! Of course, the first person to receive such a cool letter from me was Taina.
I was lucky enough to meet Lea at a party when I was living in the SF Bay Area. She is always doing really interesting art projects, so keep up with her site to find out what she's up to next. Her matchbox theatre is super cute.

10 October 2010

08 August 2010

John Derian postcard, NYC.

I love this card. I love writing desks. It also makes me think of the riddle: "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" which I can never remember the answer to, although I kinda remember that it doesn't have an answer. I have no idea.

09 October 2010

Date Unknown 2008?

Postcard from Melisa.

I received this postcard while living in California. It would have been more useful when I was living in Oklahoma! The place I was living in didn't have a basement. I was always worried about tornadoes. A big one went through the city I was living in a few years after I had left. Yikes! I was just as scared of earthquakes while in California. This is what happens when you grow up somewhere that doesn't have natural disasters.

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08 October 2010


I rarely make impractical purchases. Yes, I shop a lot, but I feel I buy things that are usually worth it in some sense. I bought a white coat. Impractical, yes. But I love it! There is something glamorous about white, especially white coats. I don't buy white often because it gets dirty so easily and I hate it when things look grungy. I still somewhat regret buying my Matt and Nat bag in navy blue, when I could have bought it in white. I told myself that white was way too impractical for a purse. Now I own a white, wool coat and I absolutely love it. It may be awhile before I buy something white again, so I will enjoy this for as long as I can. I sure hope it doesn't get dirty anytime soon!

06 October 2010

31 March 2008

Andreas Gursky. 99 Cent. 1999.

This was another that was put up on my fridge the day I got it and stayed there until I left that California apartment in August 2009. I just love all the different packages you can see and how they are all organized.

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01 October 2010

17 July 2008

Jeff Wall. A Sudden Gust of Wind. 1993.

Happy October! October is my favourite month. Jeff Wall cards are some of my favourite cards. I also thought this one was a perfect card for the first day of October. The wind in the card reminds me of Fall.

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